About K&H Leather

K&H Leatherworks began in 2017 as an after hours hobby that soon became a passion for me.  In 2019 I was fortunate enough to be able to turn that passion into a full-time career making leather goods of all shapes and sizes.

The K&H stands for Koda & Hobbes - my dog and cat.  Sounds silly, probably is, but my pets have always been my best buddies (I'm sure they feel the same about me) and when I was looking for something to name my brand after, it felt natural to pick something so close to me.  

This will make the names of my items make much more sense now that you know this - the Pitsky, the Bulldog, the Akita, the Litter Box, just to name a few - all take inspiration from the K&H namesake.

Everything I make currently is hand stitched/saddle stitched.  This method involves the threading of two needles on one long thread which is then stitched in a figure-eight like shape through the material.  It is an incredibly strong stitch and alongside the proper treatment of your leather, should result in an item that lasts a very long time.

I am just one person - I make all the items you see on this website and on my social media, with the exception of some awesome collaboration items.  I photograph everything, respond to all emails and messages, take care of invoices, package and mail out orders, etc. etc.  As such - if you don't hear from me right away please don't feel insulted!  I typically get back to people within 24 hours.  That being said - if you have sent me a message on Facebook or Instagram and haven't heard from me?  Try again!  I promise I won't be bothered :-)

I am a strong believer in using ones privilege to make a difference, and in using ones voice to speak for those that are often unheard.  As a result 5% of the total value of every sale will be donated to the First Nations Development Institute, an organization that improves economic conditions for Native Americans through direct financial grants, technical assistance & training, and advocacy & policy.

Thanks for being here - and thank you for your support

- Tucker G